As a distribution company that seeks to give the best price to all its customers, PT. Cipta Niaga Kimiatama strives to keep its organization as sleek, streamlined and efficient as possible while also delivering the best services and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Currently, we are supported by approximately 30 permanent employees in our head office and warehouse.
Most importantly, we also have a dedicated marketing officer for each industry sector we serve, so our clients get the best service and advice from well-trained and experienced staff. To ensure we are always up-to-date with industry’s standards, our staff attends regular training sessions conducted by our principals and third parties..

As part of our efforts to maintain our proud reputation as a reliable partner to our clients, our warehouse is not only used for regularly ordered stock, but also to accommodate buffer stock. This allows us to anticipate any sudden demands from customers.
Located in Balaraja Barat, Kawasan Industri Bajamas, our 3,000 square meter warehouse is manned by an experienced inventory team, which controls the stock through a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system. The warehouse is managed professionally using inventory-control software and is secured by an online CCTV system, as well as fire protection, for additional security and safety. We also maintain our own fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure timely delivery..


Reliability is also an important part of the corporate culture at PT. Cipta Niaga Kimiatama. We aim to be a long-term partner for every client we handle, by putting in every effort to serve our customers with the best products and services. This reliability is manifested in the quality of products we supply, constant on-time deliveries, as well as our availability outside normal office hours to help meeting our clients’ urgent needs..


Flexibility has become an integral part of PT. Cipta Niaga Kimiatama’s corporate culture. We can accommodate all of our clients’ needs faster than our competitors due to our bureaucratic efficiency and other organizational advantages. Our flexibility includes accepting orders of any quantity, efficiency in all administration and office procedures, as well as providing invaluable advice and assistance to our clients above and beyond the scope of our function as a supplier.